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La révolution dans le boudoir / Dan Mihaltianu

La révolution dans le boudoir is a reflection on social movements and their long term implication on collective and individual consciousness, using ’89 Romanian Revolution as model and pattern for recent global developments.
The title refers to Sade’s La Philosophie dans le boudoir as homage to a braking moment of « liberty » in European thinking.
The video juxtaposes live audio recordings from Romanian radio and television during the December 1989 events in Bucharest, with images of daily life, the morning ritual of a man grooming himself, in an attempt to understand the unaccountable.
1999, ten years later, everything seems to have returned to normality, the people, the city, the society, but clues as to what really happened in those days are still missing. What is left resembles an absurd theatre play.
The audio track condenses in 22 minutes, the time lapse between Ceausescu’s flight and the execution of the presidential couple. 22 minutes is also the real time for someone to prepare himself for a new day – “The Day of the Revolution ».

Production year 1999, 22min. DV-PAL, stereo, Romanian with English subtitles. Script, camera, video and sound editing : Dan Mihaltianu.

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