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Harlem Nocturne / Mel Tormé / Earle Hagen / Dick Rogers

A nocturne for the blues
Played on a broken heart string
It’s wailing out the news
My baby is gone from me
Dark shadows in the rain
A telephone that won’t ring
Just memories remain
Of lovers that used to be

I miss the laughs and the fun
My spot in the sun
When I was the one one and only
The music and lights
Those wonderful nights
The morning is the time we’d kiss

The laughs and the fun
My days in the sun
They’re over and done and I’m lonely
Don’t ask me to hide
The heartbreak inside
The gleaming spark is gone the light went dark

This nocturne for the blues
Took all and left me nothing
Nothing but the blues
‘Til baby comes back to me

Earle Hagen, Dick Rogers
Harlem Nocturne
Interprété par Mel Tormé

Photo : The Big Combo / Joseph H. Lewis / 1955
Chef op. John Alton / Musique David Raksin / Générique : cliquer ICI

Harlem Nocturne / Mel Tormé / Earle Hagen / Dick Rogers dans Pitres the-big-combo-1955

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